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We help organizations take control of their cyber landscape.

Led by an experienced team, we are on a mission to help enterprises cyber secure their businesses. By offering comprehensive insights into risks, vulnerabilities, and compliance, our platform enables organizations to swifty identify and mitigate critical risks. 

Our Founding Story

When Cyber Security 
Meets Compliance and Insurance

In June 2021, Pramodh Rai and Subhajit Mandal founded Cyber Sierra to help businesses get essential cyber insurance.

As they executed on the vision, they saw a deeper need within the industry. Cyber insurance, although invaluable, remained a complex concept for many, and organizations required guidance in establishing robust cyber hygiene practices and continuous monitoring.

So, they developed Cyber Sierra as a holistic risk management platform with built-in insurance.

With features such as automated security alerts, threat intelligence feeds, anti-phishing measures, vulnerability scans, expert guidance, and employee security training, the platform equips organizations with the necessary resources to strengthen their security posture. 

Cyber Sierra has now evolved into an intelligent platform that is helping businesses and security professionals grow securely.

But all this aside, even as we deepen the feature suite in our platform, one constant remains – It is that deep sense of fulfillment and satisfaction in knowing that we are solving real problems and genuinely helping businesses on their journey.

Our Cyber Sherpas

Navigating the treacherous trek up the mountain of your company’s compliance journey requires the aid of skilled sherpas who have been through that journey before. Meet the sherpas who will strive to assist you in scaling your company’s cyber sierra.
“Approaching a decade of building technology teams, an insight struck me deeply.
Vulnerabilities are inherent in technology stacks; and they compound as companies ship more digital products. My experience with cyber attacks have taught me that it is important to proactively mitigate cyber risks as data breaches, investigations and remediations take precious time and money away from building a business.”

Pramodh Rai


“I have enabled collaborations between startups and enterprises for over 14 years.
I deeply appreciate the challenges a large company’s Governance, Risk and Compliance team faces when collaborating with small businesses. I often saw compliance requirements as unnecessary until I faced my first cybersecurity breach. Risk questionnaires are a simple but elegant way to reduce risk between both parties.”

Subhajit Mandal



Our Values

Our values serve as a compass guiding who we are, how we serve our clients and what we aspire toward.

Focus on the User

Our company exists to make risk mitigation and compliance easy for your business. You, the user of our platform, products and offerings, are our true north star. We commit to listening, learning from and delivering aptly to your needs


Good People Good Company

Be in the company of good people who have integrity, are ambitious, capable and have fun in their work. We know that with such good folks, magic happens. We strive to develop such an environment of abundance in good vibes


High Say : Do

Do what you say, say what you do. Reliability is developed off the back of this principle. We recognise congruence in well intentioned words and actions. This is one of the key reasons our teams perform.


Smile through the Process

The genuine, heartfelt type of smile. Have reasons to enjoy your work and the company of people around you. We will support one another through the process of personal growth to the best of our ability collectively #oneteam


Give > Take

The process of creating something great often requires that we give our best, operating at the edge of our limits, inevitably giving more (of ourselves) than we take. Personal growth unlocks massively this way. We recognize this.


Always Be Growing

We either grow our business, or grow our minds. There is no failure, we learn and apply the best of lessons from each experiment, feature and endeavour. We will get better each time, iterating towards our goals.

Take control of your cyber landscape.

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