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Top 10 Alternatives to Duo Security in 2023

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Top 10 Alternatives to Duo Security in 2023 

Are you questing for advanced compliance management software capable of augmenting your data security and compliance management system?

Although Duo Security stands as a prominent choice for enterprises for compliance issues, it may not meet the specialized needs of all organizations.

Here, we have compiled a list of 10 Duo Security alternatives to help you find the perfect fit. The following list will provide you with an overview of each software’s features and benefits, making it easier for you to choose the right solution for your business needs.


Top 10 Duo Security Alternatives: Key Features, Pricing Plans, and More

Here are the top 10 alternatives to Duo Security that we have shortlisted for you:

  1. Cyber Sierra
  2. Vanta
  3. Scrut
  4. Drata
  5. Sprinto
  6. AuditBoard
  7. Wiz
  8. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud
  9. Druva Data Resiliency Cloud
  10. Secureframe

Let’s look at them one by one.


1. Cyber Sierra


Cyber Sierra - 10 alternatives to Duo Security



Cyber Sierra is a unified, enterprise-grade cybersecurity platform, designed specifically for security professionals, such as Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), tech trailblazers, and others dealing with data protection.

A key selling point of Cyber Sierra is the skillful integration of several crucial security components, forming a comprehensive security solution.


Key Features

  • Universal Governance: Helps companies meet widely recognized compliance standards such as ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and PDPA.
  • Cybersecurity Health Examination: Carries out in-depth reviews and identification of threats connected to your digital assets.
  • Employee Security Instruction: Offers learning materials that help employees recognize and ward off phishing attempts.
  • Third-Party Risk Supervision: Streamlines the security clearance process for suppliers and ensures regular tracking of potential dangers.
  • Continuous controls monitoring: Monitors in near real-time the security controls, flagging off controls breaks and risk mitigation strategies.



  • Holistic Solution: Blends governance, risk, cybersecurity compliance, cyber insurance, threat intelligence, and employee training modules into a unified platform.
  • Continuous Controls Monitoring: Delivers round-the-clock risk assessment, threat prediction, and controls inspection, maintaining a tight check on all security aspects.
  • Effective Vendor Risk Management: Simplifies the handling of third-party relationships, thereby reducing associated risks.
  • While Cyber Sierra is impressive in many respects, it hasn’t yet rolled out a comprehensive solution to fit every unique requirement.



  • The platform is relatively new in the market.


Ideal For

Cyber Sierra is suitable for both mature businesses and startups grappling with regulatory compliance, data protection, and related challenges. Furthermore, it’s best for those who are planning to streamline their cybersecurity, governance, and insurance policies, shifting from multiple vendors to one sophisticated intelligent platform.


2. Vanta


Vanta - 10 alternatives to Duo Security


Vanta distinguishes itself as a specialized platform, focusing predominantly on security and compliance management. Specifically, it simplifies the journey towards achieving SOC 2 compliance.

Vanta has implemented an automated monitoring system and a set of compliance procedures to allow it to decrease the amount of time, money and resources required for SOC 2 certification.


Key Features

  • Continuous Monitoring: Vanta provides real-time security monitoring ensuring companies are always compliant and secure.
  • Automation: Vanta utilizes automation to make the SOC 2 certification process faster and more efficient, reducing manual work.
  • Integration: Vanta offers seamless integration with popular services such as AWS, GCP, and Azure, increasing its adaptability across different tech environments.



  • Time Efficiency: Vanta reduces the time and effort needed to achieve SOC 2 compliance.
  • Integration: Vanta can integrate with many popular platforms, increasing its adaptability.



  • Limited Scope: Vanta, focusing mainly on SOC 2 compliance, may not cover other security frameworks that some businesses might require.
  • Customization: Limited customization options make Vanta less flexible for businesses with specific compliance needs.


Ideal for

Vanta is best suited for mid to large-scale businesses, particularly those requiring strict security compliance standards, such as tech, healthcare, or finance sectors.


3. Scrut Automation


Scrut Automation



Scrut Automation: Dedicated to automating cloud configuration testing, Scrut Automation stands as a robust cloud security service delivering strong, cloud-native protection layers for AWS, Azure, GCP, and beyond.


Key features

  • Automated cloud configurations testing: Consistently checks your cloud configurations against the vast 150+ CIS benchmarks.
  • Historical records: Builds a chronological record of your security state, aiding tracking of steady improvements.
  • Integration: Integrates smoothly with renowned cloud platforms, including AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.



  • All-encompassing security monitoring: Defends your cloud environment utilizing more than 150 CIS standards.
  • Optimized time usage: By automating labor-intensive tasks and ranking remediations, it can catalyze your information security timeline.



  • Learning curve: Certain features might be time-consuming to understand and use, particularly for users who are new to cloud security configurations.
  • Limited customization: Despite being an efficient cloud security service, Scrut Automation might have limited customization and personalization options based on unique user needs.


Best for

Scrut Automation is ideal for organizations leveraging AWS, Azure, GCP, and similar cloud computing services. Its comprehensive security and compliance support make it a preferred choice for large corporations that need high-end cloud security. 

Medium to small businesses aiming to upgrade their cloud security with automation will also find it beneficial. I AM Resilience platform is best for these type of security.


4. Drata





Drata serves as a comprehensive security and compliance management platform, offering significant assistance to organizations working towards obtaining and maintaining SOC 2 compliance. By automating the process of tracking, managing, and supervising technical and operational controls necessary for SOC 2 certification, Drata’s audit management software simplifies the compliance journey.


Key Features

  • Asset management: Drata allows organizations to detect, track, and manage every asset, such as servers, devices, and applications for streamlined management.
  • Policy & procedure templates: The platform provides pre-configured templates for quick and efficient generation of compliance papers.
  • User access reviews: Drata ensures proper access controls via consistent user access reviews.
  • Security training: Continuous security training sessions and phishing simulations on the platform raise employees’ awareness of potential security threats.



  • Automated evidence collection: Drata’s innovation in automating the gathering of evidence reduces manual work and human error risk.
  • Exceptional customer support: Clients can strongly rely on the platform’s responsive and competent support team throughout the compliance process.



  • Onboarding process: Users have experienced a somewhat lengthy and complex onboarding process, potentially resulting in a delayed initial setup.
  • Complex functionality: The abundance of features in Drata can confuse non-technical users.
  • Scalability: As a relatively new entrant in the market, Drata may face challenges when scaling up to suit the needs of large organizations with diversified compliance demands.
  • Pricing: Smaller businesses with budget limitations may find Drata’s pricing model slightly burdensome.


Best Suited For

Drata emerges as an ideal choice for organizations aiming to secure and maintain SOC 2 compliance with a reduction in manual efforts. Given its advanced automation tools, it appeals strongly to firms seeking to simplify their audit experience.


5. Sprinto





Sprinto is a comprehensive security and compliance automation platform that guides businesses in achieving and maintaining compliance across various frameworks such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, and PCI-DSS. 

Its customization and real-time monitoring capabilities provide companies with continuous oversight and efficient management of their security and compliance status.


Key Features

  • Asset Management: Sprinto’s security compliance tool unifies risk elements, systematizes entity-level controls, and enables automatic checks.
  • Policy Implementation: It provides automated workflows, policy templates, and training modules tailored to diverse security compliance needs.
  • Exceptional Support: Sprinto’s expert team guides companies every step of the way in the compliance process, from risk assessment to audit requirement fulfillment.
  • Cloud Compatibility: It integrates seamlessly with most modern business cloud services for thorough risk assessment and control mapping.



  • Automation: Sprinto’s robust automation capabilities notably reduce the effort needed to meet compliance.
  • Wide Compliance Coverage: It supports a broad range of compliance frameworks, allowing businesses to manage multiple compliances at once.
  • Expert Support: Sprinto offers expert-led implementation support from the very beginning, ensuring proper control and practice setup.
  • Integration Capability: It integrates smoothly with numerous business cloud services, enabling efficient control mapping and comprehensive risk assessment.



  • Adaptive Requirements: Businesses need to adapt to Sprinto’s platform to fully utilize the benefits of automated checks and constant monitoring.
  • Customer Support: According to some user reports, there’s room for improvement in Sprinto’s customer service, especially concerning response times.


Best For

Sprinto is best suited for fast-expanding cloud companies aiming to simplify their security compliance processes. Its automation functionalities and comprehensive compliance coverage render it an ideal choice for businesses looking for a more efficient, less hands-on approach to maintaining security compliance.


6. AuditBoard





AuditBoard is a potent platform geared towards simplifying the processes of audit, risk, and compliance management for organizations. It allows companies to efficiently oversee detailed audits, compliance, and risk management operations, boosted by its features of seamless accessibility and team collaboration.


Key Features

  • Integrated Control Management: AuditBoard presents a comprehensive approach to control management, which includes risk evaluation, control test management, issue tracking, and report creation.
  • Operational Auditing: The platform incorporates integrated tools that promote the efficient handling of internal and operational audits.
  • Risk Assessment: AuditBoard streamlines the process of identifying and managing risks across various organizational units.
  • Real-time Reporting: Users can benefit from real-time insights and customized reports, aiding in precisely tracking the progress of audits and resolving issues in a timely manner.



  • Ease of Use: AuditBoard sports a user-friendly interface, making audit and risk assessment tasks simpler to handle.
  • Collaboration: The platform enhances communication with its efficient collaboration tools, both within internal departments and with external auditors.



  • Customer Support: Some users have criticized the efficiency and response time of AuditBoard’s customer support team.
  • Less Intuitive Navigation: The system’s navigation can be complex, especially when handling multiple audits or projects simultaneously.
  • Expensive: The wide array of features offered by AuditBoard comes at a comparatively high price point, potentially deterring smaller companies from utilizing it.


Best for

AuditBoard proves optimal for large-scale corporations seeking comprehensive and detail-oriented audit and risk management solutions. 

It stands as an invaluable tool for companies conducting regular internal and operational audits, as well as those requiring real-time insights for their audit and risk operations.


7. Wiz





Wiz is an innovative cloud security solution providing businesses with a sweeping review of security vulnerabilities across their full cloud footprint. By surpassing standard agent-based solutions, this next-gen Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) tool thoroughly probes the cloud stack, picking out vulnerabilities, configuration mishaps, and undisclosed threats.


Key Features

  • Omni-Directional Visibility: Offers a comprehensive surveillance of entire multi-cloud arenas, with a spotlight on security incidents.
  • Clever Problem-Solving: Recognizes potential threats, subsequently offering practical steps to neutralize security hiccups.
  • Integrated Teamwork: Encourages collaborative efforts amongst DevOps, cloud infrastructure, and security teams via a single platform.
  • Continuous Security Observation: Administers real-time monitoring of cloud environments to detect and notify against any security infractions or configuration blunders.



  • Broad Security Evaluation: Undertakes a thorough security scrutiny covering all prominent cloud platforms.
  • Greater Automation: With automated roles and intuitive dashboards, Wiz simplifies security protocols.
  • Smooth Setup and Use: The easy deployment process and minimal configuration requisites makes Wiz straightforward to use.



  • Documentation Could be Robust: The existing documentation could provide more comprehensive and explicit user guidelines.
  • Unspecified Pricing Structure: The unavailability of pricing information leads to difficulties in costing Wiz’s application.
  • Copious Notifications: With Wiz’s relentless cloud ecosystem supervision, users may feel bombarded by frequent notifications.


Best for

Wiz is an excellent choice for businesses operating in multi-cloud environments, seeking an exhaustive understanding of their cloud security posture. With a panoramic view of security dynamics, it benefits enterprises with intricate cloud infrastructure setups.


8. Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud





Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is an integrated cybersecurity offering that combines backup, disaster recovery, AI-backed malware and ransomware protection, remote help, and security into one unified platform. The aim is to present a multi-tiered approach for data protection across various devices and environments.


Key Features

  • Backup and disaster recovery: Acronis provides firm protection for data through its backup solution, catering to disaster recovery routes when major problems occur.
  • Cyber security: Uses AI and machine learning tactics to detect and respond to new threats swiftly.
  • Patch management: Pinpoints and instantly updates outmoded software releases to minimize vulnerability threats.
  • Remote assistance: Makes remote assistance available, letting users and administrators handle issues from remote locations fast.



  • Wide-ranging Protection: Affords multi-layered protection by merging backup, security, and disaster recovery in one.
  • User-friendly Interface: The platform is lauded for its easily navigable interface and streamlined navigation.
  • Trustworthy Backup and Recovery: Acronis demonstrates reliable performance in data backup and recovery, with many users expressing satisfaction.



  • Performance Snags: Some users flagged that the application might slow down, especially during extensive backup tasks.
  • Support Constraints: Some users have pointed out a need for improvements in the support team’s response and overall experience.
  • Limited Reporting Details: Few customers have stated that the reporting feature could offer a greater level of detail for total analysis.


Best for

Acronis Cyber Protect Cloud is especially suitable for businesses seeking a robust, comprehensive cybersecurity approach. Given its holistic nature, it is beneficial for companies across a myriad of sectors like IT, retail, healthcare, finance, and other industries where strong data security is key.


9. Druva Data Resiliency Cloud





Druva Data Resiliency Cloud stands out as a comprehensive SaaS-driven data protection and management platform. It offers dependable backup, disaster recovery, and information governance across an array of environments, including endpoints, data centers, and cloud apps.


Key Features

  • Coordinated Data Protection: Druva’s solution incorporates reliable, integrated backup and recovery services for endpoints, data centers, and SaaS applications.
  • Disaster Recovery: A user-friendly, rapid, and cost-saving method for on-the-spot disaster recovery is included.
  • Global Deduplication: With Druva’s global deduplication technology, users can conserve storage and bandwidth resources, ultimately keeping costs down and improving backup performance.
  • Security and Compliance: The Druva platform aligns with numerous regulations, such as GDPR, by implementing encryption, access management, and audit trail capabilities.



  • SaaS Model: Druva’s SaaS foundation eases deployment, ongoing management, and scaling while reducing IT teams’ workload.
  • Streamlined Data Management: Druva presents a unified dashboard for controlling data protection tasks across multiple environments, thereby simplifying overall data management.
  • Economical: By removing hardware and infrastructure expenses, Druva presents a budget-conscious solution.
  • Customer Support: Users have praised Druva’s diligent and accommodating customer service.



  • Large Data Set Handling: There have been reports of decreased efficiency when dealing with substantial data sets, implying that Druva may not be the best option for massive data processing.
  • Pricing Clarity: Users have observed that the pricing model may be hard to navigate and might lack transparency.


Best for

The Druva Data Resiliency Cloud solution is ideal for companies of all dimensions seeking a SaaS-oriented, cost-efficient, and hassle-free data protection service. It is particularly useful for those managing disparate environments, including endpoints and an assortment of data center applications.

Alternatively, businesses confronted with massive data sets or specialized customization demands may benefit from evaluating different options or examining Druva’s features before wholly committing.


10. Secureframe





Secureframe is a powerful toolkit for compliance management that assists organizations in efficiently navigating their paths toward achieving SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliances. The solution emphasizes competent and regular monitoring for a wide spectrum of services including AWS, GCP, and Azure.


Key Features

  • Constant Compliance Surveillance: Advocates for ongoing compliance across multiple services.
  • Automation: Brings efficiency into the realm of security compliance tasks, substantially reducing time and resource expenditure.
  • Incorporation Attributes: Fuses seamlessly with popular cloud service providers such as AWS, GCP, and Azure.



  • Effective Time Management: Drastically reduces the duration typically spent on documenting and managing compliance processes spanning weeks or longer.
  • Holistic Integration: Inter-operates smoothly with most widely-used cloud services, offering consequential benefits for businesses relying on these platforms.



Limited Customization: A few users have suggested that Secureframe could benefit from enhanced customization options to better serve individual business needs.


Best for

Secureframe serves as an optimal solution for businesses of varying sizes looking to simplify their path to SOC 2 and ISO 27001 compliances. It proves particularly beneficial for organizations utilizing AWS, GCP, and Azure for cloud services, given its well-integrated functionalities.


Top 10 Duo Security Alternatives: Comparative Analysis

Here is a list of the top 10 Duo Security alternatives, so you can compare their features and prices.


Duo Security Alternatives


Selecting the Best Software 

The process of selecting software is complex, requiring extensive analysis of features, pricing, and user feedback.

Regardless of the wide range of software solutions available, you need to determine which one is suitable for your business.

Cyber Sierra differentiates itself with unmatched efficacy, marked by its expansive functionalities and formidable protection.

The platform’s simplistic design ensures an expedited configuration process, offering an exceptional defense against possible cyber risks.

Schedule a demo today and learn how Cyber Sierra can optimally secure your business.


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