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Get access to a cutting-edge compliance automation platform

Streamline your governance, cybersecurity, and insurance solutions into one comprehensive platform. Save on trips to multiple vendors.

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Get compliant without compromising your growth

With Cyber Sierra's GRC-I solution, you can achieve compliance with essential frameworks like SOC 2, ISO 27001, and GDPR without impacting your growth.

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Strengthen your security posture

Find vulnerabilities, mitigate them and build your business with the right security controls using our intuitive user interface.

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Customize compliance tools and programs for your business requirements based on your stage of growth.

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Pocket-friendly pricing

Get access to a cybersecurity platform that works for your business, and your budget. Save on your business costs with our competitive prices.

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Build a security-first culture

Make trust your default business currency by training your workforce on the latest security trends and regulations.

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At Cyber Sierra, we’re committed to supporting businesses with easier access to crucial cybersecurity tools and services through our Cyber Sierra Credits Program. As part of this initiative, you’ll receive free credits valued at up to USD 2400, which can be redeemed to implement cybersecurity programs of your choice from our platform.

Our goal is to empower businesses to strengthen their cybersecurity measures without having to worry about associated costs. We believe that every business deserves the opportunity to protect itself from potential threats, and the Cyber Sierra Credits Program is our way of making that a reality.

At Cyber Sierra, we understand that protecting your business from cyber threats can be daunting. That’s why we’ve developed a new-age compliance automation platform that streamlines the process of vulnerability scanning, implementing compliance programs, conducting employee training and awareness initiatives, and obtaining cyber insurance.

We recognize that many other cybersecurity solutions on the market only offer one or two solutions, which can make it challenging for you to find a comprehensive solution that fits all your needs. Cyber Seirra’s compliance automation platform alleviates that burden by allowing you to focus on growing your product instead of spending valuable time searching for cybersecurity options.

Our unified compliance automation platform can provide you with peace of mind by ensuring that your business is protected against potential threats.

You will receive Cyber Sierra Credits amounting to USD 2400. This is enough for you to get started on your base compliance and cybersecurity program. If you would like more, please do not hesitate to let us know.

Here are the major eligibility criteria for you:

  • You must have Leo Capital, AppWorks, and/or Credit Saison as your venture capital investor(s).
  • You must have a valid entity registration identification number
  • You should have a company website or web profile
  • You should have a relevant partner referral code
  • You should not have previously received Cyber Sierra credits
  • The Credits cannot be combined with any other ongoing offer/discount

For more details, check our terms and conditions. Or drop us an email at [email protected].

Please drop us an email at: [email protected]

We understand the challenges that come with growing a business. During this phase, companies often prioritize growth over security, which can pose potential risks.

To support your business endeavors, we have developed the Cyber Sierra Credits Program – a pay-it-forward initiative aimed at assisting businesses to navigate the difficult decision of balancing investment in growth and cybersecurity.

By utilizing Cyber Sierra credits, you can access our complete suite of cybersecurity tools and compliance automation platform at a discounted rate.

Cyber Sierra Credits includes a host of benefits, including:

  • 36 scans annually (3 scans per month)
    ➝ Network scan
    ➝ Public/Private repositories
    ➝ Cloud scan
    ➝ Kubernetes scan
  • 36 counter-phishing campaign
  • 36 employee awareness training
  • Establish a base set of information security policies
  • Four admin users

We’re glad you asked! To request a demo of Cyber Sierra’s platform, just click on the “Request Demo’ button at the bottom of the page and fill out the demo request form. Alternatively, you can also reach out to our sales team at [email protected] and schedule a demo at your convenience.

During the demo, you can discuss your specific needs and requirements, and our sales team will provide a walkthrough of the platform’s features and functionalities. This will give you a better understanding of how Cyber Sierra’s compliance automation platform can benefit your business and help you make an informed decision.

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