Struggling with cybersecurity and compliance?

Don’t worry – you’re not alone.

At Cyber Sierra, we understand the pain points of modern organizations. That’s why we offer a suite of services on a single platform to make your life easier.

  • Continuous Control Monitoring

  • Third-Party Risk Management

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance

  • Threat Intelligence

  • Employee Security Training

  • Cyber Insurance

Say goodbye to the headaches of cyber security and compliance, and hello to effortless security posture and protection.

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    No, you don’t have to pay for the other features included in the Cyber Sierra platform. You only need to pay for ISO 27001 compliance or any other compliance certification you require assistance with. The remaining cybersecurity features offered on our platform are provided to you free of charge. You can utilize composite scanners, third-party risk management, security training modules, and risk registers to enhance your security measures while achieving compliance.

    Yes, our platform is designed to serve enterprise use cases as well. It is built as an enterprise-grade solution to address the security requirements of both large enterprises and smaller organizations. We have a significant number of enterprise firms that utilize our platform to enhance security and maintain continuous monitoring of their vendor ecosystems.

    To choose the right auditor for your compliance program, consider the following:

    • Accreditations: Ensure they have the necessary credentials for your compliance framework.
    • Experience: Look for auditors experienced in your industry and organization size.
    • Credibility: Check their reputation, client testimonials, and industry recognition.
    • Fit: Assess their communication style and compatibility with your team.
    • Budget: Compare pricing from multiple auditors.
    • Regional Focus: Consider auditors familiar with your regulatory environment.
    • Brand and Affiliations: Evaluate their firm’s reputation and affiliations.

    The right auditor brings expertise, objectivity, and assurance to your compliance program. Their assessment identifies gaps, mitigates risks, and enhances your security posture. Their audit report builds trust with your clients and stakeholders.

    You can also tap into Cyber Sierra’s network of auditors in case you need help.

    The employee security training module at Cyber Sierra stands out from others in the market. Unlike typical modules that involve a one-time annual exercise of going through slide presentations and checking off the training program, our module takes a more engaging approach. At Cyber Sierra, we offer a counter-phishing module that utilizes real-life simulations. You can choose from our extensive library of templates and conduct phishing campaigns to train your employees effectively. This hands-on experience helps them navigate phishing attempts with agility and skill, rather than simply going through a routine check-box exercise.

    Take control of your cyber landscape.

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