Continuous Controls Monitoring

Minimize the chance of errors and the time required for monitoring controls

Automate your controls monitoring and get a dashboard view of all your controls in one place. Whether you need to monitor control breaks, get audit ready, or reduce the scope for error in controls monitoring, our platform makes for a good fit.

Continuous Control Monitoring with Cyber Sierra


Asset-Based Approach

Seamlessly integrates across multiple systems, offers a near real-time view of access controls, and ensures alignment with your guidelines for comprehensive security.


Framework-Based Approach

Displays control dependencies, empowers auditors and cybersec/infosec teams, and facilitates data-backed decisions on control implementation and efficiency.

See and understand your security and risk posture in near real-time.


  • GDPR
  • ISO27001
  • ISO27000
  • SOC2
  • PDPA
  • Others

Financial and other regulations

  • RBI's Cyber Security Guidelines
  • SEBI
  • MAS-Cyber Hygiene
  • SOCI

Unlock Efficiency with Cyber Sierra’s CCM 


Unlock Efficiency with Cyber Sierra’s CCM 

  • Enhance visibility of security and compliance

  • Streamline control testing via AI-enabled automation

  • Provide checks and balances for control management

  • Reduce audit costs and boost reputation with regulators, customers, and auditors

  • Boost productivity by reallocating human resources from detection to fixing control breaks

The case study is underway!

Watch this space to know how a Fortune 500 company used Cyber Sierra's CCM module to get and stay compliant.

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