GRC Automation

Take complexity and guesswork out of compliance

Easily handle all parts of your GRC program in one place. Whether you need compliance, risk management, better auditing, or improved controls management, our platform makes for a good fit.

GRC Automation with Cyber Sierra


Identify and assess all of your risks across all asset categories

Understand and evaluate potential problems or uncertainties that could affect your organization


Develop and implement controls to mitigate those risks

Create and put in place measures to lessen the impact of identified risks


Monitor the effectiveness of those controls on an ongoing basis

Continuously monitor how well your implemented measures are working to manage and mitigate your security risks


Report on your GRC activities to stakeholders

Provide updates and information to relevant teams about your governance, risk, and compliance efforts

Centralize your Governance, Risk & Compliance management.


  • GDPR
  • ISO27001
  • ISO27000
  • SOC2
  • PDPA
  • Others

Financial and other regulations

  • RBI's Cyber Security Guidelines
  • SEBI
  • MAS-Cyber Hygiene
  • SOCI

Unlock Trust with Cyber Sierra’s GRC


Unlock Trust with Cyber Sierra’s GRC

  • Save time by utilizing the pre-made policy

  • Assess business risks through a unified control view

  • Continuously monitor your controls and security posture

  • Stay updated on the effectiveness of your programs through automated tracking

  • Receive actionable advice and assign team members to effectively solve problems


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