Continuously monitor your
third-party vendors’ security

Reduce your enterprise’s third-party risks. Use Cyber Sierra’s TPRM to evaluate, mitigate and monitor your vendor risks.

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How does TPRM with Cyber Sierra work?

Cyber Sierra’s TPRM program empowers enterprises to evaluate, mitigate, and monitor third-party vendor risks.

Gain insight into the key risks associated with third-party vendors and develop an understanding of how to identify them
Implement a structured framework to evaluate, assess, and automate your third-party risk management processes
Categorize vendors by risk level to allocate resources efficiently and prioritize high-risk vendors for focused attention
Get near real-time 24*7 visibility of all your vendors’ security compliance with alerts and correction actions on a need basis
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    Reduce costs

    Mitigate the risk of costly security incidents, regulatory fines, and legal disputes related to third-party vulnerabilities by proactively identifying and addressing risks

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    Ensure business continuity

    Enhance supply chain resilience, minimize disruptions, and ensure business continuity by effectively managing potential third-party risks

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    Adopt security best practices

    Enforce industry-leading security practices and proactively monitor vendor risks for comprehensive security oversight

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    Uplift your vendor ecosystem

    Elevate your vendor ecosystem through heightened security standards, security awareness, and compliance with specific requirements and best practices

What do you get with Cyber Sierra’s TPRM?

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Take control of your cyber landscape.

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