Identify vulnerabilities and
neutralize them before they
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Get a holistic view of your attack surface and remediate vulnerabilities with Cyber Sierra’s Threat Intelligence program

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How does Threat Intelligence with Cyber Sierra work?

Threat Intelligence with Cyber Sierra is a comprehensive security solution designed to enhance your cybersecurity posture.

Access a comprehensive security scorecard for insights into the effectiveness of your security controls, and to identify areas for improvement and prioritize remediation efforts
Conducts thorough scans of your network infrastructure to identify potential vulnerabilities that could be exploited by threat actors and prioritize remediation efforts
Scan your cloud-based infrastructure, assess its security posture and identify misconfigurations or vulnerabilities
Utilizes Cyber Sierra’s outside-in scanning approach to continuously monitor for vulnerabilities in your systems and applications
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Why Threat Intelligence?

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    Proactive Defense

    Identify and address security threats before they occur through proactive measures

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    Vulnerability Mitigation

    Quickly find and prioritize vulnerabilities for timely patching and prevention

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    Strategic Decision-Making

    Gain insights into threat actor tactics for informed security investment decisions and incident response planning

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    Compliance and Regulatory Requirements

    Fulfill compliance and regulatory standards to uphold a robust security posture and preserve customer trust

What do you get with Cyber Sierra’s Threat Intelligence?

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Take control of your cyber landscape.

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