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Assess your cyber hygiene, strengthen your security posture and
continuously monitor risks and non-compliance.

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Take Complexity and
Guesswork Out of Compliance

Comply with regulations, unlock sales and continuously monitor regulatory processes with recognised certifications (ISO27001, SOC2, HIPAA, PCIDSS, GDPR, etc.).
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    Assess business risks through your risk register

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    Use policy templates and controls in the platform

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    Assign relevant team members to fulfill policies and upload evidence

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    Get management approval and employee acknowledgement to be audit-ready


Manage Risks Seamlessly
Across Your Organization

Map your assets automatically. Understand your assets’ context and relationships with users. Provide a seamless platform to assess and manage risks for everyone.
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    Scan your assets

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    Detect risks and vulnerabilities

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    Assess the impact of your risks

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    Create relevant controls to monitor and treat your risks


Bake Security into Product
Development Pipeline

Identify and assess security vulnerabilities across your entire business.
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    Run scans to detect vulnerabilities

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    Ensure critical vulnerabilities are addressed before deployment

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    Integrate security into product development pipeline


Your Greatest Asset can be
Your Weakest Link

Employees are your greatest asset. But they may also be your weakest link. Ensure your employees are trained to be cyber-aware and cyber-ready.
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    Ensure your employees are aware of cyber security risks

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    Run employee awareness training regularly

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    Help your employees detect phishing emails and landing pages

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    Run counter-phishing campaigns regularly


Trusty tailors,
Right-sized coverage

Right-size your coverage based on your needs to safeguard your business from costly security breaches.
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    Build healthy cyber hygiene practices

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    Get the right insurance coverage to protect your business from costly breaches


Never trust,
Always Verify

Managing third party risk is tedious and time consuming. Ensure you have a seamless and robust plan to manage and mitigate third party risks.
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    Send your TPRM to vendors seamlessly through the platform

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    Monitor your vendors’ risks continuously

for Coverage

The advantage of Cyber Sierra is that you can get a product crafted to your needs. Typical cyber insurance covers both first party and third party liabilities. Amongst first-party liabilities, the important aspects to look at are breach response, ransomware, business interruption, and digital asset restoration. Within third-party liabilities, the coverages to look out for are disclosure, reputational, content liabilities, and regulatory fines.

Coverages will apply for losses related to a cyber security breach. If a breach doesn’t occur, then Cyber Insurance coverage doesn’t apply.

Since the coverage would be tailor-made to your requirement, the extent of the exclusions can be discussed. There are certain standard clauses of exclusions that are universal in nature such as willful violation and acts of war.

Losses that are not owing to a cyber security breach, are not covered under a Cyber Insurance policy.

Cyber Sierra’s program allows for the client to customize the coverage to their requirements. Coverages start from $250,000.

Out of pocket payment choices would be made available for the customer to choose and balance the insurance premium vs the potential out of pocket payment in case of claims. Out of pocket(deductible) options start from $3,000

As soon as a breach happens, the customer needs to notify the insurer keeping Cyber Sierra in the loop. The insurer would have an in house panel or a recommended set of incident response experts with whom the customer will work to conduct a root cause analysis and contain the losses. Cyber Sierra’s experts will also be supporting the customer during this time. All claims are on a reimbursement basis.

Cyber Sierra is not an insurer. Cyber Sierra works with regulated partners to cater to customers in their respective geographies.

Find out how we can assist you in
completing your compliance journey.

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