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Top 7 Continuous Control Monitoring Tools in 2024

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From internal and financial controls to technological controls and process controls, monitoring critical controls can be challenging without the right tools.

It becomes even more challenging as the IT environment grows more complex, operations and applications move to the cloud, and organizations adopt a remote working culture.

This is also true for large organizations looking to implement more and more controls to stay ahead of complex regulations and keep up with third-party vendors.

This is where continuous control monitoring tools become helpful.

Continuous control monitoring (CCM) technologies automatically test and monitor security controls and risk management processes implemented within an organization to validate their effectiveness at any given time.

They help organizations to proactively manage their risks, maintain a continuous regulatory compliance posture, and minimize business losses.

Through continuous monitoring of internal controls, CCM solutions help organizations improve their standing in the eyes of their customers, auditors, and government regulators.

But with the host of options out there, how do you choose the right continuous controls monitoring solution for your organization?

This guide unveils the top the top seven CCM tools that have emerged as frontrunners in the market, offering innovative features and capabilities that make them essential for organizations striving to maintain a robust continuous control monitoring framework.

Let’s get started.

What are Continuous Control Monitoring Tools?

Continuous controls monitoring tools are software applications that are used to monitor and evaluate the effectiveness of financial, technological, and internal controls within an organization.

With these tools, organizations can continuously track and analyze key control metrics, assess risks, and identify any deviations or anomalies that may indicate a breakdown in controls and proactively act accordingly.
Continuous control monitoring solutions are primarily used in financial services to automatically scan financial transactions, identify patterns, and flag any potential errors or fraudulent activities.

Besides, these tools can also monitor internal controls by tracking the implementation and effectiveness of internal policies and procedures. In addition, CCM tools can evaluate technological controls by continuously testing security measures and identifying vulnerabilities or unauthorized access attempts.

One of the major benefits of using CCM tools is the ability to automatically test security controls. These tools can simulate various attack scenarios, such as phishing attempts or network breaches, to identify any weaknesses in the organization's security infrastructure.

By proactively testing these controls, organizations can ensure that their sensitive data and systems are protected from potential threats.

Furthermore, CCM tools can detect anomalous activity within the organization's controls. By continuously monitoring key control metrics and comparing them against predefined thresholds, these tools can identify any deviations from normal behavior. This can be particularly useful in detecting any fraudulent activities or non-compliance with internal policies.

Overall, continuous controls monitoring applications can benefit organizations in many ways including:

  • Proactive risk management
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Enhanced regulatory compliance and risk management
  • Facilitate data-driven decision-making
  • Improved security posture
  • Faster incident response
  • Reduced costs associated with data breaches and compliance failures
  • Increased company value to investors and stakeholders, and increased value through improved privacy controls

7 Best Continuous Control Monitoring Solutions

Here are the top CCM tools that have emerged as frontrunners in the market in 2024. We have evaluated them based on user reviews, innovative features, and their key capabilities.

1. Cyber Sierra

Best for: Enterprise organizations looking to implement a customized CCM program to match industry needs and strengthen their cybersecurity defenses.

Cyber Sierra offers robust continuous controls monitoring software to help organizations enhance cyber security and maintain a continuous compliance status. This tool provides a comprehensive set of features, capabilities, and benefits to effectively monitor and manage security controls.

One of the prominent features of the software is its ability to automate the monitoring of security controls. It constantly scans the entire IT infrastructure to detect any vulnerabilities, risks, or anomalies. This proactive approach helps organizations stay ahead of potential security risks and take immediate action to mitigate them.

The AI-powered cyber security platform also offers near real-time monitoring and alerts, allowing security teams to respond quickly to any suspicious activities or breaches. Besides, it provides detailed reports and analytics, enabling organizations to gain insights into their security posture and make informed decisions.

The tool also facilitates compliance with regulatory standards by ensuring that security controls are in place and continuously monitored. It helps organizations achieve and maintain regulatory compliance, reducing the risk of penalties or legal consequences.

The benefits of implementing this tool for your organization are numerous. It enhances the overall security of your organization, enabling early detection and prevention of cyber threats. It saves time and resources by automating monitoring processes and providing comprehensive reports. It also improves your organization's reputation by demonstrating a commitment to cybersecurity and compliance.

Here is why enterprise organizations love Cyber Sierra:

  • Real-time monitoring of critical controls: Never miss a beat. Cyber Sierra continuously monitors your critical controls, providing real-time visibility into their effectiveness.
  • Automated control testing and validation: Say goodbye to manual testing. The software automatically tests and validates a range of controls, streamlining process control monitoring for security and compliance teams.
  • Identification of control weaknesses and compliance gaps: Leave no control gaps behind. Cyber Sierra helps organizations identify weaknesses and gaps in controls across business domains, enabling proactive mitigation of potential risks.
  • Mitigation of regulatory and compliance risks: Reduce compliance headaches. It also helps enterprise organizations mitigate regulatory and compliance risks by implementing controls at scale and ensuring adherence to standards.
  • Proactive risk management: Get ahead of threats. It helps you to proactively identify potential risks in your control processes through continuous monitoring, enabling preventative vulnerability management.
  • Data-driven insights for decision making: Make informed decisions. Leverage data-driven insights from a single repository of control information to guide security and internal audit teams. This source of truth empowers data-driven decision-making for business continuity.


Cyber Sierra offers customizable pricing in three different plans. Price is available upon request. 

2. Quod Orbis

Suitable for: Organizations looking to streamline their internal audit processes and maintain a continuous compliance posture.

Quod Orbis Continuous Controls Monitoring platform is designed to address the challenges faced by organizations in maintaining a continuous and effective internal audit process. 

It provides a way to continuously monitor critical controls and identify any deviations from compliance standards or risk management practices. This can help organizations achieve a more proactive approach to cybersecurity and compliance.

The target users of Quod Orbis CCM platform include internal audit teams, compliance teams, and security professionals. It automates parts of the audit process such as evidence collection and analysis, which can help to reduce audit costs and improve efficiency. This can also free up internal audit teams to focus on more strategic tasks, such as risk assessment and continuous improvement of risk management practices.

The platform can be especially useful for organizations that are looking to improve their compliance posture or manage disruptive risks. By providing continuous monitoring of controls, the CCM tool can help organizations to identify and address potential issues before they escalate into major problems. This can help to improve overall security posture and reduce the likelihood of security incidents.

Overall, Quod Orbis CCM platform is a tool that can be used by organizations of all sizes to improve their continuous auditing practices, manage compliance costs, and achieve a more proactive approach to cybersecurity and risk management.

Key features

  • Cyber asset attacks management (CAASM) & asset management: Quod Orbis enables organizations to manage their cyber assets by providing asset management capabilities. This includes tracking and monitoring of assets, identifying vulnerabilities, and implementing measures to mitigate cyber asset attacks. 
  • Risk management: The platform helps organizations to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate risks through its comprehensive risk management features. 
  • Automated auditing of controls: Quod Orbis automates the assessment of controls across the organization, reducing the need for manual intervention and improving audit efficiency. 


Quod Orbis pricing is available upon request.

3. Panaseer

Ideal for: Active security posture management

The Panaseer platform uses continuous controls monitoring to enhance the prioritization and acceleration of remediation efforts in the realm of cybersecurity. It provides real-time visibility into the security posture of an organization, which helps users to take proactive measures in addressing vulnerabilities and managing security controls.

The platform can also automate the process of vulnerability analysis, enabling security teams to identify and prioritize risks more efficiently. This is particularly useful for organizations with extensive cloud security requirements, as the platform can provide a comprehensive view of an organization's cloud infrastructure and the associated security risks.

Its automated cyber asset inventory allows for the continuous tracking of an organization's assets and their respective security controls. This feature can be helpful for organizations looking to optimize their remediation efforts and reduce remediation costs, as it enables security teams to quickly identify and address vulnerabilities before they can be exploited.

Panaseer platform also offers automated reporting capabilities, which can help security teams to better manage their remediation activities. 

It provides real-time insights into the status of remediation efforts, which can help security teams to better prioritize their work and ensure that remediation efforts are aligned with the organization's security objectives.

Key features

  • Automated security posture management: The platform offers automated security posture management capabilities, allowing organizations to gain real-time visibility into their security posture. 
  • Cyber asset management: Panaseer facilitates effective cyber asset management by providing automated cyber asset inventory capabilities. 
  • Security controls management: The platform centralizes security control management, providing a unified view of all security controls deployed across the IT infrastructure.
  • Evidenced remediation: Panaseer supports evidenced remediation by providing organizations with actionable insights and evidence-based recommendations for remediation. 


Panaseer pricing is available upon request.

4. MetricStream

Best for: Organizations looking to improve their cloud usage through autonomous, continuous control monitoring.

MetricStream offers continuous controls monitoring solutions within its compliance operations platform. IIt offers a suite of tools for monitoring controls, ensuring regulatory adherence, and reinforcing security management. 

With a focus on cloud usage, it actively checks for cloud entities, emphasizing the importance of cloud systems throughout its functionality. 

The software's capabilities extend to continuous auditing, vulnerability management, and device management applications, supporting a unified approach to cybersecurity management.

Within the compliance environment, MetricStream provides specialized support for compliance specialists, enabling them to navigate through complex regulatory landscapes efficiently. 

TThe software also also addresses critical vulnerabilities while safeguarding cloud systems and enhancing overall security posture. Its proactive approach to identifying and mitigating risks aligns with modern compliance requirements, making it a valuable asset for organizations seeking comprehensive compliance and security solutions.

Note that MetricStream's continuous control monitoring emphasizes more on cloud usage throughout its features. So you may want to consider Cyber Sierra if you want a more comprehensive approach to cloud usage, security and compliance. 

According to G2 and Capterra reviews, the software is also less intuitive when it comes to compliance management. Cyber Sierra is designed with a user-friendly interface, which makes it easy to navigate for both beginners and experts alike.

Key features

Here are the key features of the software:

  • Automated testing and monitoring: The software performs automated testing and monitoring to enhance cloud usage.
  • Seamless Integration with AWS: It also integrates with the AWS security hub to help you keep a close eye on your cloud compliance in real time.
  • Efficient evidence gathering: The tool leverages autonomous evidence collection making it fast to identify compliance issues.


MetricStream pricing is available upon request.

5. Pathlock

Best for: Organizations looking for software to monitor critical business processes and financial transactions within financial services and transactional applications.

Pathlock’s continuous control monitoring software is designed to monitor critical business processes and financial transactions within financial services and transactional applications. 

It operates within the broader business context, addressing various business risks associated with financial operations.

By focusing on continuous compliance, Pathlock ensures that organizations can maintain adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies seamlessly. The software's capabilities extend to comprehensive financial transaction monitoring, allowing for real-time oversight of transactional activities.

Pathlock's approach is particularly valuable in identifying anomalies and potential issues within financial processes, enabling timely intervention to mitigate risks. Its integration with transactional applications provides a granular view of financial activities, facilitating efficient monitoring and control.

The downside of Pathlock's continuous control monitoring is that it majorly focuses on proactively addressing compliance and risk management challenges within the financial services environments. If you’re looking for robust continuous controls monitoring software that can be customized for diverse industries, Cyber Sierra would be a great option for you.

Key features

Here are powerful features of the software:

  • Risk quantification & transaction monitoring: Pathlock analyzes transaction data to quantify the financial risk of Segregation of Duties (SoD) conflicts within your organization's applications. It identifies the monetary impact and provides a detailed analysis by conflict, user, or application.
  • Configuration change monitoring: The software tracks changes to transaction and master data, including the source, user, and before/after values. It can also identify deleted items.
  • Business process control management: It automates control procedures across various frameworks. It integrates and streamlines control mechanisms into one system, improving efficiency, reducing manual effort, and enhancing risk visibility.
  • Manual process control management: The platform integrates and streamlines manual controls into a centralized, automated system, improving efficiency, reducing manual effort, and enhancing risk visibility.


Pathlock pricing is available upon request.

6. Hyperproof

Best for: Continuous monitoring of a wide range of critical controls including internal, security, access, and behavioral controls. 

Hyperproof is a prominent compliance operations platform that offers a software solution for continuous control monitoring. It is designed to help organizations automatically and frequently monitor a wide range of their internal controls, including security controls like access controls and behavioral controls.

The software focuses on critical risks by enabling users to identify and continuously monitor the effectiveness of controls designed to mitigate those risks. This can include key controls across various departments, such as IT, development, and HR.

Hyperproof streamlines the process of control assessment by automating the monitoring of controls. The software reduces the need for manual testing, potentially freeing up resources for compliance teams. 

Hyperproof primarily focuses on continuous monitoring of critical controls such as internal, security, access, and behavioral controls. So if you want software that offers real-time monitoring capabilities with advanced alerting systems to ensure timely detection of control deviations, you may consider Cyber Sierra.

Besides, Cyber Sierra provides advanced analytics and integration capabilities, enabling deep insights into control performance.

Key features

Here are a few features of Hyperproof:

  • Wide range of control coverage: The software can monitor a variety of controls, including access controls, behavioral controls, and departmental controls across IT, development, and HR.
  • Streamlined assessment process: By automating control testing and offering real-time results, Hyperproof helps streamline the overall process of control assessment for compliance purposes.
  • Continuous monitoring capabilities: Hyperproof enables continuous monitoring of critical controls, allowing organizations to detect and respond to risks in real time.
  • Configurable monitoring frequency: The software allows you to set up monitoring schedules based on the criticality of the control. High-risk controls can be monitored continuously, while less critical ones can be checked daily or weekly.


Hyperproof pricing is available upon request.

7. XM Cyber 

Best for: Organizations looking for a comprehensive solution to address cyber risk and bolster their cyber security posture.

XM Cyber offers a continuous controls monitoring (CCM) tool designed to address the challenges of managing a complex cyber security landscape. Organizations today use numerous security tools, leading to a scattered view of their overall cyber defense posture.

With XM Cyber's CCM tool organizations get a unified cybersecurity management platform. The software continuously retrieves and analyzes data from various security controls, aiming to give a comprehensive picture of an organization's cyber risk posture.

This can be helpful for security professionals tasked with managing cyber risk and ensuring the effectiveness of implemented controls.

By offering a centralized view, the CCM tool can potentially aid in identifying weaknesses in an organization's cyber defenses. 

This information can then be used to prioritize and address security gaps, potentially improving an organization's overall cyber risk management strategy.

While both XM Cyber and Cyber Sierra share the common goal of strengthening cyber defense, they may differ in specific functionalities, user interfaces, and integration capabilities. 

For instance, Cyber Sierra integrates seamlessly into your existing infrastructure whereas XM Cyber may not offer sufficient integration capabilities.

Key features

  • Real-time threat detection: The tool employs advanced algorithms to continuously monitor control mechanisms and identify potential cyber threats in real-time.
  • Automated remediation: Upon detecting a cyber threat, the tool provides automated remediation capabilities, allowing organizations to quickly address vulnerabilities and mitigate risks.
  • Risk prioritization: Leveraging sophisticated risk analysis techniques, the tool prioritizes identified threats based on their severity and potential impact on the organization.
  • Thousands of predefined critical security controls (CSCs): The tool comes pre-loaded with over 5,000 critical security controls, helping organizations ensure they are monitoring the right areas.


XM Cyber pricing is available on request.

How to Choose the Best CCM Tool

Continuous control monitoring CCM solutions are essential in maintaining and enhancing the cybersecurity of organizations by constantly assessing and monitoring critical data and systems for any deviations or abnormalities. 

These tools play a crucial role in detecting and preventing data breaches and ensuring the overall integrity and security of an organization's operations.

Choosing the best continuous controls monitoring (CCM) tool requires careful consideration of several factors to ensure it aligns with your business needs and objectives. Here's a quick guide to help you select the most suitable tool for your business:

Automated data collection and monitoring

Look for tools that can automatically gather data from various sources like applications, network devices, and security systems. This eliminates manual data collection, saving time and resources.

Real-time threat detection and monitoring capabilities

Prioritize tools with real-time monitoring features that identify and alert you to potential security threats as they occur. This allows for a faster response and minimizes damage.

Alerting mechanisms for control breaches

Choose a tool with configurable alerts to notify you of control breaches or deviations from expected behavior. This enables your team to investigate issues promptly.

Integration capabilities

Ensure the CCM tool integrates seamlessly with your existing security ecosystem (firewalls, SIEM systems, etc.) for streamlined data flow and centralized security management.

Regulatory compliance

If your organization adheres to specific regulations (PCI DSS, HIPAA, etc.), select a tool that offers pre-configured controls mapped to those regulations, simplifying compliance efforts.

Automated control testing and validation

Consider tools that automate control testing, reducing manual workload and ensuring consistent control verification. Look for features that validate the effectiveness of implemented controls.

Compliance monitoring and reporting

Choose a tool that offers comprehensive compliance monitoring and reporting capabilities. This helps demonstrate adherence to regulations and facilitates communication with auditors.

Additional considerations:

Here are additional considerations when choosing a CCM tool for your business.

  • Scalability: Consider your organization's size and potential future growth. Choose a tool that can scale to meet evolving needs.
  • Ease of use: Evaluate the user interface and functionalities to ensure your team can comfortably navigate and utilize the tool.
  • Vendor support: Assess the vendor's support offerings, including training, technical assistance, and ongoing updates.

Keep in mind that when it comes to continuous control monitoring tools, there's no "one-size-fits-all" solution. Carefully evaluate your business requirements and security posture when selecting the best CCM tool to optimize your internal control monitoring and strengthen your overall security framework.

Use Cyber Sierra for Effective Continuous Controls Monitoring

Cyber Sierra's Continuous Controls Monitoring tool is a versatile solution that can be effectively adopted in the cybersecurity sector to enhance monitoring and control processes. 

For instance, the CCM tool is indispensable for cyber security and network security monitoring. With the increasing complexity of cyber threats and network vulnerabilities, organizations rely on Cyber Sierra to continuously monitor their IT infrastructure, detect potential security breaches, and respond swiftly to mitigate risks. 

By leveraging Cyber Sierra’s advanced threat detection algorithms and real-time monitoring capabilities, technology companies can safeguard sensitive data, protect against cyber attacks, and maintain the integrity of their networks.

Here is how CCM with Cyber Sierra works:

  • Establishing a central controls repository: Cyber Sierra begins by establishing a centralized repository for all control-related information. This repository serves as a comprehensive database housing various control frameworks, policies, and procedures relevant to the organization. By consolidating this information in one location, the tool enables easy access and management of controls across the enterprise.
  • Gaining clear visibility into security posture: Once the central controls repository is established, the software provides organizations with clear visibility into their security posture. Through continuous monitoring and analysis of control data, it identifies strengths, weaknesses, and potential vulnerabilities within the organization's security framework. This visibility enables stakeholders to assess risks effectively and prioritize mitigation efforts accordingly.
  • Accessing actionable risk intelligence: Cyber Sierra leverages advanced analytics and machine learning algorithms to transform control data into actionable risk intelligence. By analyzing patterns, trends, and anomalies in control metrics, the tool identifies emerging risks and potential security threats in real time. This intelligence empowers organizations to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to mitigate risks before they escalate.
  • Managing multiple compliance frameworks: The software supports organizations in managing multiple compliance frameworks simultaneously including HIPAA, SOC2, ISO 27001, MAS TRM, PDPA, HKMA, CIRMP, GDPR and more . Whether adhering to industry-specific regulations or international standards, Cyber Sierra provides the flexibility to customize controls and assessments to meet diverse compliance requirements. It centralizes compliance efforts and automates control testing and validation, which helps organizations streamline compliance processes and ensure adherence to regulatory mandates.

Ready to explore how Cyber Sierra’s continuous controls monitoring can help you take control of your cyber landscape?

Schedule a free demo call today to speak with our product expert.


Here are brief answers to the most frequently asked questions on the topic of continuous control monitoring:

What are the types of controls monitored with CCM tools?

The three main controls monitored with CCM tools include:

  • Financial controls: Continuous control monitoring solutions monitor financial controls to ensure the accuracy, reliability, and integrity of financial reporting processes. This includes monitoring transactions, reconciliations, approvals, and financial statement preparation to prevent fraud and errors.
  • Security controls: The tools monitor security controls to safeguard sensitive data and protect against unauthorized access, breaches, and cyber threats. This involves monitoring access controls, authentication mechanisms, encryption protocols, and intrusion detection systems to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of information assets.
  • Process controls: CCM tools monitor process controls to optimize operational efficiency, prevent errors, and ensure compliance with organizational policies and procedures. This includes monitoring workflow processes, segregation of duties, approvals, and exception handling to identify inefficiencies, deviations, and compliance gaps in business processes.

What are the benefits of using continuous control monitoring tools?

By continuously monitoring controls, CCM tools can help organizations with a host of benefits including:

  • Improved internal controls
  • Real-time identification of control weaknesses
  • Enhanced compliance posture
  • Continuous Control Monitoring
  • CISOs
  • CTOs
  • Cybersecurity Enthusiasts
  • Enterprise Leaders
  • Startup Founders
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